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Regulatory & SOLAS Approved

SOLAS-Approved Marine Insulation

At EEG Marine, we work to ensure that all components of your boat work together as one.

At EEG Marine, we are committed to providing the maritime industry with high-quality and compliant interior solutions that meet the strictest regulatory and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) standards. Our extensive range of services includes Regulatory and SOLAS-Approved Insulation, Bulkhead Panel Systems, Ceiling Systems, and much more.

Heating, insulation, and ventilation are the three pillars of moisture control on seagoing vessels. Boat insulation must be more than water-resistant. It must be completely waterproof.

Regulatory and SOLAS-Approved Insulation Products:

From traditional to spray-on to cork insulation, at EEG Marine, we offer a variety of solutions that fit your needs and your budget. Our many insulation options offer a wide range of long-lasting and cost-effective solutions for sailboats, durability, canal boats, rib tenders, narrowboats, tugs, barges, fishing boats, cargo boats, and large trawlers, as well as boats where cooling and refrigeration is a concern.

Regulatory and SOLAS-Approved, Finished Bulkhead Panel Systems:

Regulatory and SOLAS-Approved Ceiling Systems:

SOLAS Approval

The international Safety of Life At Sea standards date back to 1914 and the wake of the Titanic disaster. Your watercraft must meet or exceed the latest SOLAS standards from bow to stern. Otherwise, boat owners could be vulnerable to liability lawsuits.

Because personal safety is at stake, approved insulation and other materials must pass a rigorous, multi-part test.

SOLAS requires typical bulkhead and deck prototypes to be tested in accordance with the most current FTP Code to ensure that their construction meets the requirements for A-Class divisions. The FTP Code requires that all structural insulation materials be tested for noncombustibility, and then separately tested for fire resistance. The FTP Code requires structural insulations to be tested in the orientation in which the material will be installed. Because of this, if a manufacturer intends to have a product approved for both bulkhead and deck insulation, two tests are required, one in a vertical orientation, and one in a horizontal orientation.

Insulation, bulkhead panel systems, and ceiling systems that don’t have the SOLAS seal of approval fall below the legal standard of care. Therefore, the boat owner could be legally responsible for falls and other onboard injuries.

SOLAS approval also gives passengers and crew peace of mind and reminds them that boat owners are truly interested in their health and safety.

At EEG Marine, we understand the importance of regulatory compliance and safety in the maritime industry. Our solutions are meticulously engineered to ensure they meet the highest standards, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative and reliable interior systems that enhance the safety and functionality of marine vessels. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let EEG Marine be your partner in creating safe and compliant marine interiors.