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Galley and Mess Equipment

Maritime Kitchens and Dining Areas with Exceptional Galley & Mess Equipment

At EEG Marine, we understand that the galley (kitchen) and mess (dining) areas of a marine vessel are not just functional spaces—they are vital components of daily life at sea. We take pride in providing high-quality galley and mess equipment that ensures safety, efficiency, and comfort for the crew. Our extensive range of offerings includes a variety of equipment, case goods, and appliances that cater to the unique demands of the maritime environment.

Galley & Mess Equipment:

SS Galley Case Goods and Dressers:

Stainless steel case goods and dressers are the backbone of any marine galley. They are engineered to be rugged, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean, making them the ideal choice for marine kitchens. These furnishings provide both storage and food preparation areas, ensuring efficient and organized operations.

Custom-Built Walk-In Freezer/Cooler Units:

Temperature control is critical for storing perishables on board. We offer custom-built walk-in freezer and cooler units designed to maintain the required temperatures and storage conditions for different types of provisions.

Commercial SS Appliances:

Our range of commercial stainless-steel appliances includes ovens, refrigerators, and freezers. These appliances are chosen for their durability, reliability, and compliance with maritime regulations.

Commercial Galley/Mess Serving Equipment:

To serve meals efficiently, we provide a selection of commercial galley and mess serving equipment, which includes serving carts, trays, and food transport systems that are easy to maneuver, ensuring the smooth flow of meals.

Commercial Scullery Equipment:

Scullery areas are essential for cleaning and dishwashing. Our commercial scullery equipment includes dishwashers, sinks, and cleaning stations designed to facilitate the dishwashing process and maintain hygiene standards.

Class-Approved Pass-Through Windows:

Class-approved pass-through windows are crucial for food service in marine environments. We provide windows that meet regulatory standards, ensuring safe and efficient food transfer between the galley and the mess.

Fire Suppression Systems:

Safety is paramount in marine kitchens. Our fire suppression systems are designed to provide rapid response to potential kitchen fires, safeguarding the crew and the vessel from fire hazards.

Range and Cook Surface SS Hoods:

Proper ventilation is essential to remove odors, heat, and fumes generated during cooking. Our range and cook surface stainless steel hoods provide efficient ventilation and maintain air quality.

Mess Table and Seating Systems:

Comfortable dining areas are essential for crew morale. Our mess table and seating systems are designed to optimize space and comfort, offering a pleasant dining experience.

EEG Marine is dedicated to delivering high-quality galley and mess equipment and case goods that are tailored to the unique needs of maritime kitchens and dining areas. We understand that these spaces are the heart of daily life on a vessel, and our solutions are designed to enhance functionality, safety, and comfort.

Contact EEG Marine today to discuss your specific galley and mess equipment requirements. We are committed to enhancing the safety, efficiency, and comfort of your galley and mess areas, ensuring that your crew is well-nourished and well-cared for throughout their journey. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, and we are here to meet your unique requirements with professionalism and expertise.